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A friend the other made a comment that there’s just nothing to do in Helena. That is absolutely my pet peeve. I wonder why people who live… Read more »

Every time someone logs a Helena, Montana GeoTour geocache on, I receive an email. Sometimes they are simple notes that say “found it” or “thanks for… Read more »

Helena, Montana – Half-way Between Yellowstone & Glacier

I recently gave a presentation on Helena, Montana and focused on our location between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.  Every other slide, I reminded the… Read more »

Welcome Germans, Italians, Australians, Swiss to Helena, Montana

  HELENA, Montana – Rocky Mountain International (RMI) coordinates the international tourism activities for the state tourism departments of Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and North Dakota…. Read more »

The 2015 Rand McNally Road Atlas has recently been released and gracing this year’s front section of the atlas is a special half-page feature on Helena, Montana…. Read more »

The monthly Southwest Montana meeting was held this Wednesday in Helena, Montana. Southwest Montana is a state tourism region and while the boundaries are important to all of us in the tourism industry, our dividing lines mean little to you, our guest. Hopefully, the name “Southwest Montana” will help you know the area of Montana we’re referring to!

Be Our Guest

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Montana Office of Tourism’s Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  It’s always fun to catch up and compare notes with… Read more »

April 25 – May 18 at Grandstreet Theatre The last time I saw Les Miserables was almost twenty years ago in London.  I was so taken by… Read more »