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All Aboard!

In honor of opening day for the Last Chance Tour Train, I’m going to recycle an older blog entry about riding the Last Chance Tour Train.

Once a year, my boys and I board the Last Chance Tour Train and tour Helena in this open air train without tracks.  Some people just can’t believe that we ride the Tour Train every year, but how could we not.  Honestly, every single time I’ve been on the Tour Train I’ve learned something new. And, when my family is in town visiting, it is just one of those activities that we absolutely must do.

This year I learned that instead of advertising on billboards, they used to paint ads on the side of rocks.  And, if you look really hard, you can still see a couple around Helena.  Don’t worry the Tour Train guide will be sure you see it!

Better yet, the Tour Train “forces” me to sit down and take in beautiful Helena, Montana.  I drive a bit of the Tour Train route almost every day on my way to and from work, but with the blinders of routine, I forget to really look at how unique our community is.  The beautiful Capitol, statues, mansions, historic downtown…  sometimes it all disappears, but the ride on the Tour Train helps me to discover it all over again.

Be sure to have your trip to Helena include a ride on the Last Chance Tour Train.  You’ll be treated to a unique view of these attractions:  The Mansion District, Reeder’s Alley, Last Chance Gulch (downtown), the St. Helena Cathedral, the Old Fire Tower and more!  Best of all, all along the route, your tour guide will share fascinating stories about the people behind these historic landmarks.

Catch the train at the Montana Historical Society Building at the corner of 6th Avenue & Roberts.  The train runs seasonally Monday-Saturday.  Visit for tour departure times and more information.  The folks at the tour train can be reached by phone at 406.442.1023.

All Aboard!


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