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Canyon Ferry Management Area

he wetlands at the south end of Canyon Ferry Reservoir make an excellent place to see migrating waterfowl and many nesting birds, including Canada geese, double-crested cormorants, American white pelicans, Caspian terns and ospreys. Hundreds of eagles convene each year below the dam to feed on the kokanee salmon which have spawned and died. Area wildlife, particularly on neighboring BLM lands, includes mountain goats, elk, deer, black bears, beaver, and muskrat. River otters and moose are infrequent visitors.Hunting opportunities include archery, shotgun, muzzleloader and handgun seasons for white-tailed deer; hunting for pheasants, ducks and Canada geese opened to licensed hunters in season.

Nearby, the BLM manages several developed campgrounds, boat ramps, etc.

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