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Centennial Park – Helena, Montana


When I first moved to Helena, Centennial Park by the YMCA near Downtown Helena, was unfortunately, a dump. In the area that spans, between Carroll College and the YMCA, you could find junk and unkempt fields. It was not anywhere that you’d want to go.

Kudos to the City of Helena Parks Department because through all their hard work, Centennial Park is now a true destination in the City.

This weekend, in search of biking fun, my kids and I headed over to Centennial Park to play at the Vigilante Bike Park. The bike park is still partially under construction, but there are features that have been completed including a couple pump tracks and skills course. The boys have ridden in the bike park a few times and each time their skills improve. Just like downhill skiing, they are going to grow up doing this and they are going to have abilities that will just be natural – much unlike their mother who grew up where there are NO hills, NO mountains. It is a wonderful thing to see their confidence grow on the bike as they master a new pump track.

In addition to the bike park Centennial Park also features a loop trail with fitness stations. There is a nice dog park with an area for small and large dogs, seasonal running water and a shelter and benches for the humans. Opening this week in Centennial Park is a handicap accessible playground. There are also soccer and softball fields at the park as well as a climbing boulder for practicing climbing skills.

If you’re a Helena visitor, Centennial Park offers the perfect place to have the whole family, Fido included, to get out and stretch their legs.

Here’s a map to Centennial Park.

And, here’s a link to more information about the City of Helena Parks Department.

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