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What is your favorite part about winter?

by Heidi O’Brien

Recently on our I Know Helena Facebook Page I posed the question: What is your favorite part about winter? I posted this along with a photo of the snow coming down at night.

The first snowfall of 2015.

The first snowfall of 2015.

To me, there’s always something magical about the snow. It makes me feel like I’m living in a little snow globe where everything is a little more peaceful and sheltered from the world.

I love the feeling of my lungs burning as I breathe in bitter cold air that makes my teeth ache as I snowshoe in the Helena National Forest. Then, the feeling of thawing out by a fire – my cheeks turning a deep shade of red.
I look forward to those days when the sky is so intensely blue with the landscapes covered in a blanket of bright white.

Skiing at the Great Divide.  Snow Ball Fights and Snow Forts.  Sledding.  Playing Football in a couple feet of snow.

Watching my boys, so exhausted from tromping through the snow all day, carefully sipping hot cocoa.

What did I learn about others’ feelings on winter?  
Well it’s interesting.  Lots of people say that their favorite part of winter is Texas…or Arizona.  Lots of people say they enjoy when winter is over.  One of the most true and underrated observations about what makes winter great: no bugs. Many people truly embrace winter.  I’ve listed a variety of the comments below so you can check out what they had to say. No matter how you feel, one thing is certain: Helena, Montana is an excellent place to enjoy a winter wonderland.
Some of my favorite answers are in bold font.

The Chocolate Chip: Hot Chocolate and a cozy blanket!
Eileen: My favorite of winter- the end of it!
Andie: My favorite part of winter is the first day of Spring, but that’s no guarantee that we won’t see more snow!!
Sam: Our first snowman with green grass hair lol
Sam Johnson's photo.
Jeanne: The first snowfall! Which is usually the only snowfall I get in NC frown emoticon
Chessa: My kids’ excitement. I grew up in New England, and I personally don’t love snow or being cold. But they love snow SO MUCH that it’s infectious. smile emoticon
Roger: I can’t think of a thing I like about winter. It’s cold, shoveling snow, driving can be hazardous, but I do LOVE Christmas and what it stands for.
Arlette: I still think snow is beautiful especially the 1st snow. I would like it even better if I didn’t have to drive in it!
Carmen:I love watching my kids get bundled up in all there snow gear and try to romp thru the deep snow!
John: I like it all!! Snowmobiling, and especially doing donuts in the snow on my ATV.
Camille: The very end of winter…
Toni: I have lots of favorite things but I really like..no bugs!!
Judy: The end so it gets warm again
Diana: It’s late coming, so it’s about time!
Lilian: It’s not fun when you have to drive home at night from Great Falls to Helena.
Lorraine: I do like it when it snows during the night and you get up and there is not one track. It is beautiful!!!
Paula: Staying inside and watching the snow fall.
Maureen: the smell of fire places and the cool air mostly the snow
Shanna: When it’s over.
Carol: Love it until I’m snowed in! Live towards McDonald Pass.
Becca: The silence after a big snowfall. As if a blanket has been spread over everything. It’s magical.
Joyce: Spring!
Mattie: Beautiful
Sophie: When it’s over. SIGH
Rebecca: The cold makes you slow down in life and spend more time with loved ones.
Lisa: Ski area says it might be open in a week, WOOT!!!!
Deanna: The beauty and quiet of new fallen snow.
Marci: Skiing
Brianne: The cold, quiet, and fun winter sports.
Shelly: When it’s over!!
Eileen: The end of it. Just kidding. I like skiing (cross country)
Annie: Knowing the earth is sleeping for renewal.
Jeane: Spring!
Joe: When it’s over.
Colleen: Sledding on McDonald pass.
Tawnya: That each day is closer to Spring!

Stacy: The silence that snow brings.

Alicia: I love the oh so cold weather,

Jerome: When ever it snows

Ralph: The peace after a snowstorm…

Cindy: Watching my grandsons play in it

Dawn: Clear cold crisp night to take a walk in the fresh fallen snow and lots of stars in the sky and a big full moon

Virginia: The toasty inside!

Donna: I loved it when I was a kid – everything from building things with it, to the smell of people’s fireplaces in the air. It brings a stillness and quiet that you just don’t find other times of the year…. HOWEVER… that was before I became an adult with aching joints, who has to shovel and salt, and worst of all, drive. Zero magic for me anymore. I’m over it.

Mary: When summer starts!!

Milton: Living in California.

Janet: Enjoying it vicariously from the swimming pool – deep in the heart of Texas! smile emoticon

Jacki: Living in Texas.

Michelle: The end.

Nancy: It reminds me of cold childhood winters when life opportunities abounded, all my now-heavenly relatives were assembled for dinners, and I could slid down the big hills at the end of our street in Massachusetts.

Bob: Warm fire, snuggling up with some one you love and watching a movie.