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Group Travel: Geocaching – Team Building

Have you heard of geocaching?  It’s a high tech treasure hunt that people can do with their smart phones or a GPS unit.  Using GPS coordinates, hints and patience, teams can find caches hidden throughout Helena, Montana.

The Helena Tourism Alliance has 10 GPS units and binders with maps and clues available to groups coming to Helena that are looking for a unique team buidling activity.

Who uses the GPS? Why?

Is everyone involved with the hunt?

Are you changing roles?

Is the person who has the technology (GPS) the leader?

What did you learn about yourself (and your teammates) while geocaching?

How did the public perceive you?

Did your group waste time?  How was time wasted?

How could your group have been more effective?

What would you do differently?

What resources would have helped your group with this task?

What role did you play in the group?

Which team completed all the caches first?  Why do you think they were first?

The Helena Tourism Alliance will customize the GeoTour so that it will fill the amount of time that your group has set aside for this activity. The activity can be structured so that participants do not need a car. The Helena Tourism Alliance will provide small prizes to the participants of the Geocaching Team Building Experience.


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