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Get Your Gold Cache Bash

Check out the Helena, Montana Get Your Gold Cache Bash on September 13.

Check out the Helena, Montana Get Your Gold Cache Bash on September 13.

With Helena’s “Best of the Road, Best for Geocaching” title and our 150th Birthday this year – we figure it’s really time to celebrate, again! Why not, you only turn 150 once!
Please join us for a cache bash of thousand dollar proportions!

 helenaonmapTo Register:

Update: The early registration deadline has been extended to September 6th! Log as “WILL ATTEND” on this cache page by September 6th.  Registrants after September 6th may still attend but are not guaranteed a goodie bag – limited supply of bags.  The cache page can be found here:  Note: Registration is FREE.  

Lupine line the Casey Meadows Trail just South of Helena, Montana.

Sign in at Memorial Park on Saturday morning beginning at 9 am to receive your goody bag and one cache raffle ticket. Could this be Helena’s first Mega Event?


How do I get raffle tickets?

  • Cash Drawing: Each registered geocacher in attendance automatically gets a raffle ticket just by signing in at the park! You must be present to win and 18+ years old.
  • Other Ways to Earn Cache Prize Tickets: 
  • Submit a “Creative Cache” – the winning entry will receive 6 additional cache tickets.  There will be one winner for people’s choice and one winner for judge’s choice.
    • Helena Hotel – if you stay at a Helena hotel, you will receive 6 additional cache tickets for each night you stay.  Helena hotels will work with the Helena Tourism Alliance/Event Coordinator for distribution of these tickets.   If you are staying in a hotel, please email [email protected] your hotel info and Heidi will ensure that you get your extra tickets.
    • Complete the Mini-GeoTour Challenge on Friday (or early Saturday morning) to turn in for 2 additional cash prize tickets.
  • Cash prizes will total $1000.
    • 1st Prize $500
    • 2nd Prize $250
    • 3rd Prize $100
    • 4th Prize $100
    • 5th Prize $50

Events throughout the day will include:

9:00 am Creative Cache registrants are encouraged to enter their caches early to take advantage of the most votes.

9:00 am: Event registration begins. 

9:30 am: The Mini-GeoTour Challenge Passports are DUE caches will be announced on Friday, September 12 at 3 pm via  These caches will have special temporary passwords for the Get Your Gold event.  Mini GeoTour Passports will be due by 9:30 am on Saturday, September 13 to qualify for two additional cash prize tickets.  Cachers may only submit one completed mini GeoTour passport. For more information on Helena’s geotour:  Check this same address for the mini GeoTour caches – announced Friday at 3 pm.Reeder's Alley - Helena, Montana

9:00-11:30 am: Bring your most creative caches to share and inspire fellow cachers.  Each cache will qualify to win People’s Choice and Judges Choice for an additional 6 cache bash tickets.  The voting must be completed and winners will be chosen 12:00 pm.  Caches must have entered the contest by 9:00 am. Cachers can enter multiple cache ideas.

9:00-1:00 (or whenever the sapphire gravel is gone) Sapphire Hunt – We could do pennies in a sandbox, but it’s Montana so we are doing sapphires in gravel.  Just like geocaching, this event is fun for adults and kids alike.

Discovery Table  Let your travel bugs and coins hang out here to meet cachers from all over.

Name the Frog   Helena’s Geocaching Frog needs a name – making the final ballot are these names: Helena, Roxie the Proxy, Beacon and Bullwhacker the Bull Frog.

Kids Games   In addition to the Sapphire Gravel we will also have a couple of kids games for the geokiddos in attendance.


9:00-12:00 GeoGolf Pick a location in Memorial Park, record those coordinates on the Geogolf form you received at signin and drop that form off by 12:00pm.  The closest waypoint to our pre-chosen waypoint will receive $50  cash and the winner will announced at 12:30 pm at the time of the drawing.  Must be present to win and 18+.  Only one entry per person.

9:00-1:00 What is Geocaching? Stop by the beginners booth to learn more about this addictive game. 

12:30 pm This is the moment for you to “Get the Gold” or the green in this case.   Must be present to win, Must be 18+.  Everyone 18+ will be given one ticket upon registration.  Additional tickets can be earned in the Mini GeoTour, The Creative Cache Contest or by spending the night in a Helena hotel.  Again… prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize $500
  • 2nd Prize $250
  • 3rd Prize $100
  • 4th Prize $100
  • 5th Prize $50

We will have food trucks available for food purchases.  

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