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Helena’s New GeoTour

Update on the Helena GeoTour

Hi Everyone,

I’m glad that I got the chance to see many of you at the great Capital City Cachers Summer Event.  I was hosting a video team that same weekend so I didn’t have much time, but I enjoyed stopping by and also seeing all the great photos online.

I thank those of you who responded to our email asking for GeoTour feedback. We did meet with many of the geocachers with caches on the GeoTour before we launched.  And, have now talked to cachers, both local and visitors, who had done the revised tour and we got some great feedback.

Now that the new point system has had a month of use and with the feedback we’ve received, we’ve made the following changes which we think will help clarify and simplify the point system:

–        Reduced the points required for level 1 and level 2. This will put level 1 as a doable 1-day tour, and keep level 2 as a 2-day tour.

o   Level 1 must obtain 20 points (down from 30)

o   Level 2 must obtain 40 points (down from 60)

–        Changed the point values of geocaching to all worth 1 point. No more 2 point caches, for the sake of Birds & Beasleys staff and geocacher confusion. This also simplifies the passport and allows for more space in the boxes for writing passwords.

–        Increased the hotel stay point values to 4 points per hotel room, per night.

–        Added geocache numbers in the boxes with the codes, several out-of-town cachers requested this.

–        Added a note in the “How to Play” section about a Premium account being required to access all of the Helena GeoTour caches.

–        Changed the receipt for attractions/hotels to read ‘show’ or ‘attach if mailed’ to cut down on paperwork.

This new passport will go live this weekend for 4th of July geocachers at www.helenamt.com/geocaching.

I am so thankful for Anna’s dedication to the revisions and new style of the GeoTour.  She continues to attend GeoTour Webinars with Geocaching.com and is in tune with GeoTour and Geocaching trends. Her “Cache, Play, Stay” phrasing has already caught on in the GeoTour community. Just one of the details that she has put into the program includes a black & white version of the printable passport which is also available online. It’s these types of details that complement our great caches and help make our Tour the very best.

We continue to hear incredible feedback about the Helena GeoTour and could not have such a great tour without your support.



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