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Living in a Small Town

Looking out at the East Helena Valley at Sunrise

Looking out at the East Helena Valley at Sunrise

When visitors come to Helena, Montana they are always surprised to learn that Montana’s Capital City of Helena has a population of only about 30,000 people.  Thirty-thousand people for a capital city just doesn’t seem to fit with what most people think a capital should be.

Having now lived in Helena for the last fifteen years, I’ve seen it grow a lot.  Fifteen years ago, Helena didn’t have box stores such as Target, Home Depot, Costco and Lowe’s.  Helena has all these and more now, but the best thing about Helena is certainly not these stores —  it’s the fact that Helena has been able to maintain it’s small-town charm.  After all, let’s face it a population of 30,000 is really pretty tiny and going to the grocery store in your pajamas is not a good idea.

The Last Chance Walking Mall of Downtown Helena still offers wonderful boutique shops such at the Pan Handler (kitchen supply store), The Parrot Confectionery, Frayed Sew and many more.  An ice cream cone from the Big Dipper offers the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day.  The Windbag Saloon & Eatery, brothel turned restaurant, serves quality food in a historic location.  Rumor has it that the women’s bathroom is haunted so keep your eyes open!

Come explore Helena, Montana – where you can experience small-town charm, Montana-style.

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Happy Trails, Heidi O’Brien
Helena, Montana Tourism Alliance

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