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Mini GeoTour Caches

Greetings Geocaching Folks!


This laminated card will hold the password for the Mini GeoTour Get Your Gold Cache Bash Challenge. Please leave this card in the cache for the next cacher.

It’s Friday, September 12 at 3 pm and the Get Your Gold Mini GeoTour Caches are now being announced.  Visit these caches for a special laminated cards that looks like the image below.  Please leave these cards remaining in the cache so that the next person to find it will also have access to the Sept 13 Mini GeoTour Password Card.  Note: There will be TWO passwords in each of these caches.  One will be for the GeoTour where you must find 25 caches to get a Helena GeoTour Coin.  The other password, on the laminated card, is the password that will help you earn two additional drawing tickets for the September 13th Get Your Gold Cache Bash.

The Caches will Get Your Gold Mini GeoTour Password Card Include:

GeoTour #5 Born To Be Wild! GC4ABH3

GeoTour #6 Bray’s Bricks READ CACHE PAGE! GC4AJXH

GeoTour #7 Reeder’s Gold GC4ADX3

GeoTour #8 Dump Gulch is No Dump GC4ADZ4

GeoTour #9 Unionville: A Gem in the South Hills GC3KK5T

GeoTour #18 40 oz of Freedom GC3ZCMG

GeoTour #19 Mansion District Overview GC4AJ8N

GeoTour #20 History’s Mysteries GC4AG5E
Note: This cache had disappeared.  Fortunately, my geocaching mentors have taught me well and I had a spare cache in the car – not the ideal cache for the location, but I think it will limp us along until I can get back with a more permanent solution.)

GeoTour #22 Beware of UFOs GC31PZ0

GeoTour #23 Bug Inn-Bug Out GC4AJEG


Get your Gold Cache Bash Passport  PDF File


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