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Our Top Ten Beer Choices – Montana Brewers Summer Festival – August 15

This weekend, from Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 16 is the number one event weekend in Helena, Montana and the town is already buzzing with the fun that awaits.  We hope that you’re able to join the festivities.


Bike Helena Shuttle Fest is a great weekend to ride the over 70 miles of classic single track trails that make Helena an IMBA Silver Ride Center. Enjoy Free Shuttle Rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the best trails in our system. After a day of riding we are excited to join the Montana Brewers Association Summer Festival on Saturday evening for great beer and music. With the Brew Fest and Bike Helena Shuttle Fest this is a top weekend to enjoy Helena.  Be sure to check out all the great music that will be served up at the festival.

The Summer Brew Fest will feature 106 Montana-Made Beers and 28 Montana Brewers. It was no easy task narrowing the list down to those we must try on Saturday, but here it is! 

Our top ten Montana Made beers that we must try at the Helena Summer Brew Fest on Saturday, August 15.

#10: Sweaty Cap Green Tea, Golden Ale from Tripe Dog Brewing (Havre, Montana)
Our thoughts: We love love green tea.  We love beer.  We love ale.  Well now, sounds like we must try this sweaty creation.  

#9: Car Ramrod, Imperial Pilsner, Meadowlark Brewing  (Sidney, Montana)
Our thoughts: It seems to us that pilsners have so many different styles that we are not certain what to expect from a pilsner.  We’re excited to discover what this Imperial Pilsner is all about and will be certain to pace ourselves with its 7.7% alcohol content.   

#8: Irish Cream Ale, Cream Ale, Outlaw Brewing (Belgrade, Montana)
Our thoughts: On Outlaw’s web site it says that the Irish created Cream Ales because they couldn’t wait six weeks to make lager.  We wonder if this is true.  We thinking drinking the beer will help us find the truth…

#7 Painted Rock Porter, Robust Porter, Flathead Lake Brewing Company (Bigfork, Montana)
Our thoughts: The brewery’s website describes this porter as having a complex and flavorful roast malt, chocolaty character and aroma.  So, our thoughts are, it sounds delic!  

#6 Pompey’s Pilsner, Czech Pilsner, Lewis & Clark Brewing Company (Helena, Montana)
Our thoughts: As we said earlier, a pilsner seems to always be a surprise.  We know the local guys won’t disappoint with this brew.

#5 Soul Food, Light Ale with corn and black pepper, Bonsai Brewing Project (Whitefish, Montana)
Our thoughts: A beer with corn and black pepper – this we must discover!  We can almost taste the hint of black pepper spicing up our mouths on the back end, are we right? 

#4 Hopzone IPA, Bozeman Brewing Co. (Bozeman, Montana)
Our thoughts: biking Helena’s trails during Shuttle Fest all day will involve a b-line directly to the Hopzone IPA. We anticipate that this will be the perfect thirst-quenching beverage after riding all day.

#3 Myrna Loy, American Sour, Draught Works (Missoula, Montana)
Our thoughts: The actress Myrna Loy was born in Helena, Montana on August 2, 1905.  Today’s Myrna Loy Theatre in Helena is a great asset to our community.  A beer named in her honor will be an honor to partake in.

#2 Crazy Beautiful, Pale Ale, Muddy Creek Brewery (Butte, Montana)
Our thoughts: Some of us have been pale ale fanatics this summer.  A crazy beautiful pale ale sounds well, crazy beautiful!  

#1 Lemongrass Ginger Pale Ale, Ten Mile Creek Brewing Company (Helena, Montana)
Our thoughts: Okay, so two things here – lemongrass and ginger in a pale ale is something that cannot be missed. Second thought, HELENA HAS A NEW BREWERY!  We are excited to welcome Ten Mile Creek Brewery to Helena, Montana.  Ten Mile Creek is in good company joining Blackfoot River Brewing Company and Lewis & Clark Brewing Company.   

So, do you agree with us?  Please comment with the beer that you don’t want to miss.  A complete list of the beers at the festival is below.  Cheers!

Beaverhead Brewing Company
Whitetail Witbier, Whitetail Witbier, 5% ABV
Beaverslide IPA, India Pale Ale, 6.70%

Big Sky Brewing Co.
Moose Drool Brown Ale, Brown Ale, 5.1%
Pygmy Owl Itty Bitty Session IPA, Session Ale, 4.2%
Big Sky Rye Pale, Rye Ale, 6.7%

Bitter Root Brewing
Single Hop, Northwest Pale Ale, 6.3%
Huckleberry Honey Ale, Fruit Beer, 5.1%
Bitter Root IPA, Northwest IPA, 6.2%
Blown Out Brown, Nut Brown Ale, 5.2%

Black Eagle Brewery
Smelter Men, Blonde Ale, 5%
Smoke Stack, Scottish Ale, 6%
Black Eagle IPA, India Pale Ale, 7.20%
Half Stack, Hefeweizen, 6.30%

Bonsai Brewing Project
Soul Food, Light Ale with corn and black pepper, 5%
Due North, India Red Ale, 7%
Foolhardy, Baltic Porter with rye, 7.1%
Queen Bee, Imperial IPA with honey, 9.5%

Bozeman Brewing Co.
Bozone Select Amber Ale, American Amber Ale, 5.5%
Hopzone IPA, American India Pale Ale, 7%
Bozone Plum St. Porter, Robust Porter , 6%
Bozone Belgian Style Wit Bier, Witbier, 5.4%

Bridger Brewing Co.
Vigilante IPA, Northwest IPA, 6.7%
Ghost Town Coffee Stout, Coffee Stout, 5%
Bone Dust White Ale, American White Ale, 5%

Canyon Creek Brewing
O.N.S. Blonde Ale, Blonde, 5%
Cold Creek Scottish, Scottish Ale, 5.5%
C4 IPA, American IPA, 6.5%
Rabbit Head Red, Irish Red Ale, 4.8%

Draught Works
Scepter Head, IPA, 6.1%
Pineapple Express, Tropical IPA, 7.6%
“That’s What She Said”, Cream Ale, 5.2%
Myrna Loy, American Sour, 5.6%

Flathead Lake Brewing Co.
Wild Mile Wheat, American-Style Hefeweizen, 5.1%
Bufflehead Brown, American-Style Brown Ale, 6.2%
The Centennial IPA, American-Style India Pale Ale, 7.3%
Lone Walker Ale, American-Style Light Ale, 4.5%
Painted Rock Porter, Robust Porter, 6.1%
Woods Bay IPA, American-Style India Pale Ale, 7.1%

Great Burn Brewing
Honey ginger lemon grass wheat ale, Spiced wheat beer, 5.2%
Double dry hopped great burn ipa, West coast ipa, 6.2%

Great Northern Brewing Company
Going to the Sun I.P.A., I.P.A., 5.5%
Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager, Wheat Lager, 4.6%

Kalispell Brewing Company
Two Ski Brewski, Pilsner, 5.1%
Inherent Weiss, White IPA, 6.5%
Winter at Noon, Dunkel, 5%
Cloudcroft , IPA, 7.3%

Katabatic Brewing Co.
Katabatic Honey Blonde Ale, Blonde Ale, 6%
Katabatic IPA,India Pale Ale, 7.50%
Goat Effer English Pale Ale, English Pale Ale, 5.40%
Katabatic Scotch Ale, Scotch Ale, 7.90%

Lewis & Clark Brewing Company
Pompey’s Pilsner, Czech Pilsner, 5.3%
Miners Gold Hefeweizen, American Hefeweizen, 5.2%
Comet Dry Hopped Prickly Pear, American Pale Ale, 5.5%
Tumbleweed IPA, IPA, 6.75%

Meadowlark Brewing
Mob Barley, Barleywine Style Ale, 11.63%
Argo, Biere de Garde, 8%
Car Ramrod, Imperial Pilsner, 7.7%
Raspberry Wit, Fruit Beer

Mighty Mo Brewing Company
Apri-Weizen, Fruit Beer, 5%
Smoke Jumper Scottish Ale, Scottish Ale, 6.4%
Rising Trout Pale Ale, Pale Ale, 5.3%
Rendezvous Red Ale, Red Ale, 6%

Muddy Creek Brewery
Crazy Beautiful, Pale Ale, 5.2%
No Paddle, Amber Ale, 5%

Neptune’s Brewery
Saison D’Etre, Saison, 5.60%
Latte Stout, Stout, 6.10%
Honey Rye, Rye Beer, 5.90%
Transfusion IPA, IPA, 6.30%

Outlaw Brewing
Irish Cream Ale, Cream Ale, 5%
Passive Aggressive Pale Ale, Heavy Pale, 6.80%
Honey Lemon Ginger, Braggot Style Ale, 6.60%
Belgian Chocolate , Belgian Chocolate Ale, 5.20%

Philipsburg Brewing Company
Razzu!, Raspberry Wheat, 5.20%
Tramway, Rye Pale Ale, 7%
Rope Swing, Saison, 5.70%

Quarry Brewing
Open Cab Copper, Irish Red, 5.20%
Gneiss IPA, American Style IPA, 6.80%
Albite American Wheat, American Wheat Ale, 4.20%
Miner Lunchbox, Golden Tart, 5.20%

Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company
Bent Nail IPA, India Pale Ale, 6.10%
Broken Nail Double IPA, Double India Pale Ale, 7.80%
Czech Mate Pilsner, Czech Style Pilsner, 5.10%
Jack’s 90 Scottish Ale, 90 Shilling Scottish Ale, 6.10%

Tamarack Brewing Company
Headwall, Double IPA, 9.6%
Session This, Session Imperial IPA, 7.5%
Sip ‘n Go Naked, Apricot Wheat Ale, 5.5%
Yard Sale, Amber/Red Ale, 5.5%
Big Drift, White IPA, 7.1%
Goat Lick Gose, Gose, 4.2%

Ten Mile Creek Brewery
Ten Mile Creek, IPA, 6.30%
Ten Mile Creek, Oatmeal Stout , 6.70%
Ten Mile Creek, Lemongrass Ginger Pale Ale, 5.80%

The Front Brewing Company
Soul Shine Citra IPA, Citra Single HOP IPA, 6.60%
Honey Weizen, Weizen (with saphir hops and organic rose hips), 5.00%
VooDoo Ridge DIPA SMaSH, Double IPA Single malt Single Hop, 9.90%

Triple Dog Brewing
Vanilla Hoarder Porter, Porter, 4.5%
Sweaty Cap Green Tea, Golden Ale, 4%
Aberdeen Scottish Ale, Scottish ale, 6%
Duck Face IPA, Ipa, 9.2%

White Noise, American- style Hefeweizen, 5.7%
Stand Down Brown, Brown Ale, 5.5%
ICONIC, American Style Pale Ale, 6%
Alpha Force, IPA, 7.7%
AF Tactical IPA, Black IPA, 7.8%
Watermelon CANÜ, Fruit/ Garden Beer, 5%

Wildwood Brewing
Organic Ambitious Lager, Munich Helles, 5%
Organic Bodacious Bock, Bavarian Mai Bock, 7.5%