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Pet Peeve: “There’s Nothing To Do”

The Helena events calendar features no shortage of things to do in Montana's Capital City.

The Helena events calendar features no shortage of things to do in Montana’s Capital City.

A friend the other made a comment that there’s just nothing to do in Helena. That is absolutely my pet peeve. I wonder why people who live in communities often think that there’s nothing to do in them. This has happened in the few places I have lived. Do these people just really not WANT to do anything? This can be the only possible explanation because there is so much to do in Helena, Montana.

I just got done updating Helena’s event calendar with all the great upcoming events. Check it out. There’s theatre, outdoor concerts, farmers markets, high teas, art exhibits, performers at local breweries and more.

If those types of events are not really your thing and you’re more of an outdoors person, Helena has so many opportunities to get outside and play. Helena’s 75-miles of trails extending right from the edge of town offer world-class mountain bike riding and the trail rider will being shutting people to various trail heads at the beginning of June. This year the trail rider will run Wednesday-Sunday for free so there’s just no excuse not to get out and hike or bike.

Lakes! Helena has plenty – Spring Meadow, Canyon Ferry, Hauser, Park and then there’s the beautiful Missouri River. So, fly fishing, boating, ice fishing, ice boating, playing on the shore. Pick your pleasure. Helena has got you covered.

Still haven’t found anything that appeals to you? Helena is a nationally-ranked geocaching mecca. Try it out with your smart phone or by renting a GPS unit from the Base Camp for $5/day. While out on the GeoTour, you’re bound to learn new things while having a great time doing it.

Looking for some unique dining? Helena has wonderful locally owned restaurants. Here’s a link to them all. My favorites include: The Windbag, Karmadillos, the Caretakers Cabin/Old Miner’s Dining Club, Lucca’s, On Broadway and Silver Star.

I hope all the locals take a moment to look at Helena with fresh eyes this summer, there are really so many opportunities to explore the area, learn about its past and make a memory. And, I hope that locals and tourists alike use our web site and make it a point to try something new while enjoying Montana’s capital.

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