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Spring Meadow Lake

Often times, we find that one of the big problems that young families face by the time they’ve trekked to Montana is that the kids want to be out of the car!  This can be hard because with almost 150,000 square miles of land, What you needto know... (1)Montana is NOT a small state, though we do lack the traffic.

Helena is surrounded by beautiful lakes, but even a twenty minute drive with a five-year-old child who does not want to be in the car can feel much too long.

Solution: Spring Meadow Lake

Located on the edge of town Spring Meadow Lake is not far – we promise, even for a kid, it’s not far.

Tip: On your way out to the lake, stop by the Staggering Ox for a unique sandwich for your picnic or even Van’s Grocery Store which is located on your way out to the lake, is a good option.  Van’s has a fantastic deli with fried chicken, sandwiches, etc.

There is a nice, easy almost a mile long trail around the lake.

In the summer, there is a vendor who offers paddle boat rentals for a very reasonable rate.

There are picnic shelters along the shore.

Also located at Spring Meadow Lake is Montana Wild.  Montana Wild has a great interpretive center and they also loan out fishing equipment for kids at no cost.



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