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Feeling Thankful for Helena, Montana

I love Thanksgiving.  Of all the holidays, I hold Thanksgiving to closest to my heart.  I have such great memories of being with my extended family celebrating the holiday.  And, now, as a parent creating traditions with my kids.

Every Thanksgiving my husband and I take the boys on a turkey hunt.  They used to believe that dad shot the turkey, but they’re old and wise now.  They know we get the turkey from the store.  Fortunately, they still play along.

With social media takeover of our lives it’s easy to know what your high school friends, your coworker and your next door neighbor are thankful for.  But, what are you thankful for, really thankful for?

I know it’s cheesy because of my job, but I’m truly thankful for the community I call home: Helena, Montana.

There are so many reasons to love Helena – mountains, beautiful sunrises, great parks and trails. And, above all the people!

I recently posted an aerial video of Helena on our Facebook page and I found the comments that people wrote about Helena to be so accurate as to why Helena is a great place to live and to visit.helenablogthin

Here are some of the comments:

“To the many friends and family that might never be able to travel this far for a visit, I offer a very cool 5-minute video of the city I call home… Having said that, I will hold out hope that you might someday make it out this way!!!”

“This is the beautiful city I call home.”

“A video of the beautiful town I live in. enjoy!!! Can’t wait to show the sights to all my friends and family that have never been here.”

“This is the place I call home. Love my Helena.”

“I love this town! No matter where I have lived, and I feel as if I have lived EVERYWHERE, Helena will always be home. It is the most classic and progressive city I have had the privilege to live.”

” Friends and family who wonder what it’s like where I live in Helena, Montana. Enjoy!”

“For my friends and family who don’t live in Helena, this video gives you a chance to visit this place and see why it is so great to live here.”

If you’d like to explore more of Helena, be sure to order or Visitors Guide! 

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