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Group Travel: Tour the Cathedral of St. Helena

The the rugged mountains of the west…

In a city founded by miners hoping to strike it rich…

is a building that domantes the cityscape.

It is the St. Helena Cathedral.  The Cathedral opens it doors to your group for an amazing tour that will have you guests reflecting, even weeks later, how such a building came to be in the West in the early 1900s.

Tours can be arranged for your group year-round by contacting the Parish Office at 406-442-5825.

Here’s just part of the Cathedral’s history:

The site for the building of the Cathedral church was selected by Bishop John Carroll. It was purchased in 1905 through a generous contribution made by Thomas Cruse.   Mr. A. O. Von Herbulis of Washington, D.C. was commissioned to be the architect. Mr. Von Herbulis was trained abroad and was chosen because of  his extensive knowledge of the Cathedrals of Europe. Mr. Von Herbulis submitted architectual sketches in two styles, Romanesque and Gothic. When the drawings were presented, the Gothic form was chosen and approved unanimously by the Building Committee and Advisory Board/

To more information visit:  But, keep in mind, to truly feel the story you must visit the Cathedral with a guide.

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