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Trying New Things in Helena, Montana

Of all the things that I am, I can absolutely assure you that I am a creature of habit. I dine at the same restaurants, I go to the exact same spot on the lake, I wake up at the same time every day – it doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend, I like to read books by the same author or at least in the same genre. Geeze, I’m boring…

So, to mix things up – I’m doing some different things.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark & Pool

Last Chance Splash Park offers the perfect place to cool down.

Last Chance Splash Park offers the perfect place to cool down.

I brought my kids to the Last Chance Splash Park Waterpark & Pool. This is just one of those things that’s not on our radar, but it is now! The pool rates are so very reasonable. Two kids and an adult cost only $7 on the weekend and we were able to go down the slides limitless times and enjoy the lazy river. The pools are well maintained, the young staff is very friendly and attentive and, the best part, it’s very fun way to spend an afternoon in Helena. Visit for more info on the park.




Seaweed Salad - Suki Cafe

Seaweed Salad – Suki Cafe

Suki Cafe

I love to try new food, but being a creature of habit, I don’t always take the opportunity to try new things. Meeting a colleague, she suggested we try Helena’s new sushi and Thai restaurant, the Suki Café located in Downtown Helena at 15 W. 6th Avenue. To continue my goal of branching out, I ordered Siyashi Wakame or seaweed salad. It looked packed with vitamins and was surprisingly good. This restaurant is still new and they’re working out some logistical issues, but I certainly anticipate that they will become a Helena mainstay.




New & Old

And there’s also something new for the wonderful community I call home. Helena is getting a beautiful new mural telling the story of Helena’s history thanks to the creative talent of Dennis McCahon and the efforts of several people and groups who are dedicated to celebrating Helena’s past.

Helena, Montana gets a new mural in Performance Square celebrating our history.

Helena, Montana gets a new mural in Performance Square celebrating our history.

Yesterday, Helena, Montana celebrated 150 years. At the celebration the famed “Four Georgians” reenacted the gold strike that made Helena. For more information on the discovery of gold in Helena and the celebration, check out this Independent Record article.

After the reenactment, many observers and participants walked across the street to the Blackfoot River Brewery to enjoy a 1864 Old Ale brewed by the Blackfoot River Brewing Company and made with ingredients that would have been used in the 1860s.

The 150th Birthday Celebrations continue into the week with a very special Alive @ Five Wednesday featuring the Mission Mountain Wood Band and Saturday’s celebration includes the Symphony Under the Stars. It’s going to continue to be a fun week of celebrating 150 years of Helena, Montana.

Now, it’s your chance to discover something new…

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